Time off everyone..?

Dealing with Stress K V Soon
[This article was originally posted on the FamilyPlace discussion Group]

Understandably, our work and home (or combination of both) can at times causes stress. Although it may not possible to remove stress all together, it is however possible to manage the level the stress and channel its energy into more productive or positive energies. Here are some simple and useful exercise/action you can adopt / practice:

1. Take time off. Although it may not be possible to go on holidays all the time, you may take a couple minutes to be by yourself away from the stressful environment & do something different.

2. If this is not possible, esp. when you boss is watching you very closely of when you children may need attention, dishes not washed, phone rings....101 other things - then just SLOW DOWN and do what is necessary and not be too caught up. Do what is necessary, leave the phone, leave the dishes.... sit down and let it pass. And when you are satisfied, or calm enough go back doing what needs to be done, one thing at a time. Sometimes stress arises because priorities are mixed when too many things come in together.

3. Spend some personal time by yourself everyday. Take 5 - 10 minutes to be by yourself ALONE - let the kids sleep first. Just sit quietly and as your thoughts arises just let it pass. If you like, you can focus on you breathing watch it go in and out. After that, listen to some quiet music, read or just simply relax. DO NOTHING. This time is important. This quiet time help you focus on yourself the things you really want to do or to be. You may not achieve it by just sitting down but at least you are in touch with it. Some dreams may not be achieved, but that guide us along in life. Dreams are at times like stars, we may not reach it, but it can guide is in the darkness of the night as the Ancient Arabs depended on them for travel.

4. If you really need to, TALK WITH SOMEONE, do not bottle it inside, it feels good to let it out of your system once in a while.

Remember stress arises when we suddenly get pulled in different direction and feel that we are being pushed beyond out limit and frustration steps in. Deep down, there is a major conflict between you want to do and what is being asked/forced to do. Understand this, practice the above.